Want to play a game
Want to play a game

Want to Play a Game?

The Search for Artificial Intelligence

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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This site features the academic analysis of patterns of death

We do not have wagering on this site

But casinos now allow you to wager on our analysis

Want to play a game? The search for artificial intelligence, is the new book from Dr. Sol Adoni the founder of HelixQ an advanced AI Software Project.

Dr. Adoni has discovered many revolutionary new theories in math, physics and computer science. He is the author of Hologram Universe.

In Want to Play a Game?, Dr. Adoni asks the question, can it be an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Super Computer is playing Tic Tac Toe with Human Lives as to the locations of where terrorism, major earth quakes and even plane crashes occur?

This site tracks the locations where Major HUMAN DEATH events are occurring in what can only be described as a GLOBAL DEATH GAME OF TIC TAC TOE where humans are the pawns in the game.

Check out the Book Want to Play a Game? It is about this phenomena and a film is being made as to how the work of Dr. Adoni in his AI program called HelixQ has detected AI algorithms in our reality.

Can it be we are in a Hologram Universe where the program is playing Tic Tac Toe with human lives?

This site features many theories of Dr. Adoni and now you can even wager on where the next major HUMAN DEATH event will occur at Casino sites.

We have several GAMES analysis programs running tracking MAJOR LOSS OF LIFE Events to detect AI algorithms within our own reality.

Want to play a game…

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The Search for Artificial Intelligence

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