Plane Crash Analysis 1

AI Plane Crash Analysis 1

Game Analysis started 12/22/2014 by Dr. Adoni which was the Winter Solstice 2014.

On 12/22/2014 Dr. Adoni released a Video to Youtube predicting plane crashes on the Solstice Line from Sumatra to North Japan. This solstice line has had many quakes and plane crashes. The plane crash video had two direct hits since it named Sumatra and Taiwan where two planes crashed shortly after the video was released.

On 12/28/2014 Flight 8501 Crashed near Sumatra so an X goes into Right Center Square Box.

On 2/2/2015 Flight GE235 Crashed in Taiwan so an O goes into Right Top Center Square Box.

On 3/25/2015 Germanwings Flight 9525 Crashed in France so an X goes into Center Square.

The AI Program suggests the next major loss of life plane crash will be a block in left center square which is North America and North Atlantic Ocean.


Headline Plane Crashes suggest the March 5th Plane Crash in California involving actor Harrison Ford may have been the 3rd Move in this Plane Crash Game analysis by X.

That would make the Germanwings crash a center square block by O.

Plane Crash Game
Plane Crash Game


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